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Brands On A Mission is a movement to catalyse and generate an additional US$1 billion investment in sustainable business models that address health and well-being, contributing to achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. The book provides a framework that brands and companies can adopt to transform this vision into reality.

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Almost any brand can embrace a social mission that supports the business and makes a real contribution.

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Brands On A Mission

By Myriam Sidibe

Using evidence from interviews and stories from over 100 CEOs, thought leaders and brand managers, Brands on a Mission explores the importance of creating a performance culture that is built on driving impact through purpose, presenting an emergent model that organizations can follow to build purpose into their growth strategy.

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Book Reviews

The power of brands to act as catalysts and movements for social and environmental change is increasingly well understood. Indeed at Unilever, it goes to the very heart of our purpose-driven approach to doing business.Few people have done more to pioneer such new ways of thinking – or develop the models to support them – than Myriam Sidibe.

Alan JopeCEO, Unilever

Dr Sidibe’s work provides an extremely valuable contribution to public health, and the role all parts of society need to play – from governments, to local communities, to NGOs, to business and academia.

Professor Peter PiotDirector and Handa Professor of Global Health, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

The days of getting big and rich then giving back as a means to repair the damage are over. There will be neither talent nor time for this model. Brands will only succeed if they are on a mission that serves the people’s power. Myriam’s book explores why and how brands can achieve this, and invites everyone to join. What is at stake in this book is no less than reinventing the role of market economy for social justice.

Emmanuel FaberCEO Danone

In this fast-paced book, Dr Myriam Sidibe conveys the ‘how’ of successful branding through purpose. This notion is generating intense interest, especially among young people of the ‘Sustainable Development Generation’ the world over, who identify with the principle of taking action towards the social good. The real-life examples are practical, useful and inspiring.

Dr Natalia KanemExecutive Director of the United Nations Population Fund

Partnering with both the brand Lifebuoy and the company Unilever was a tremendous boost to our fight against trachoma. This book is an admirable guide to how to create such partnerships effectively in pursuit of the Global Goals.

Caroline HarperCEO Sightsavers

Brands on a Mission is essential reading for anyone who wants to drive positive change through their brand, not just talk about it. For anyone who believes that brand ‘purpose’ means something more than a warm and fuzzy ad. And for anyone who wants to understand how to align multiple organisations and interests behind a common goal. Myriam’s story is unique, but its lessons are universal.

Andy LastCo Founder, Salt

Myriam Sidibe

“Bringing affordable and accessible hygiene and nutrition to families across the world has always been my passion.”

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